Monday, November 5, 2012

Funny Comparison....

On Saturday morning, I stepped on the scale and finally read a new loss! I have officially lost 41.5 pounds....that is exactly how much my child weighs. I know this for sure because I turned right around and weighed him!

That was actually one of my weight loss goals. I was waiting for the day that I actually lost as much as my heavy kid weighs. It's a constant reminder of how much extra weight I was carrying around on my body. When I pick him up now, he just feels so very heavy. It's an amazing comparison. That much weight couldn't have possibly been that good for my body. Think of the extra stress on my frame...

My next goal is to finally weigh less than my husband. I can honestly say that I have never weighed less than Ryan during our entire relationship. In the beginning, there was about a five pound difference between us. When I was pregnant, it was closer to thirty-five! For the first time ever, I am just one pound away from him...I'm hoping to pull that off this week, but my body can act crazy sometimes!


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