Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Sick Little

Where have I been?? We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with our families. I have to admit that this was the most stress free holiday that I've ever had. I felt calm and like I had everything under control since I did so much prep work in advance. If you followed along through my Holiday Series, I hope you had success too!

My sweet Caleb really enjoyed the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade this year! I was so excited to share it with him. I think I may have teared up a bit watching his excitement over Santa's arrival. 

After a long weekend together, Caleb decided to get sick on us. On Monday he was diagnosed with bronchitis and he's had really high fevers with it. There's been tons of snuggling....

On Monday, Caleb spent the afternoon sleeping in my office while we waited for his doctor's appointment. His sleeping bag and pillow have gone everywhere with us this week. I was so very thankful for the Netflix app on my iPad. 

We stayed home most of Tuesday and Caleb spent the day in the laundry basket watching movies. He started feeling better and we had family picture night at church on Tuesday evening. 

Caleb was so proud to look like Daddy... It was the sweetest thing!

Nana had to put some make up on Caleb's flushed cheeks for the pictures...My husband had a fit when Caleb bragged about the "boy makeup". 

I just love this picture of my father-in-law, husband and son! So very sweet! 

Family picture night started out okay.....The photographer thought it would be a great idea to get Caleb laughing and it all went downhill from there. My poor child had three types of medicine in his system with red dye and it makes him extremely hyper. Before we were finished, Caleb was literally trying to climb the backdrop and knocked it over on all of us. Only my child.... Believe it or not, our pictures turned out wonderful and I cannot wait to get them!

Wednesday Caleb was still feeling puny.... he only made it half a day at daycare. Ryan and I picked him up at lunch and he had to spend the afternoon with me at work. We were a little short handed at work for just a bit and Caleb ended up napping in a Nitro boat. 

It was the most precious thing to me. I think it's great advertisement of how comfortable the Nitro boats are....Totally Caleb Approved!

My mother-in-law took off today to keep our sick little. So far we are fever free and we're praying Caleb stays that way. If he happens to run another fever today, we have to go back to the doctor and decide if things have progressed into pneumonia. It has been one wild week for us! 


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