Thursday, November 8, 2012


I've been asked a couple of times where my husband is during this whole house cleaning fiasco....

No, I didn't kick him out... He's actually doing a project himself!

He has removed the engine in his Jeep and is resealing, resurfacing, inspecting, cleaning, and painting it. It is a very dirty, tedious process. The engine really needed some work in order to run better and now is the perfect time to tackle it. He's loving every second of it!

To honest with you, so am I! I can clean so much better when I'm by myself. I love getting completely buried in a project while Ryan works in the garage and Caleb sleeps peacefully in his bed. I am so very fortunate that Caleb sleeps so soundly. When he was a baby, I could run the vacuum at night to put him to sleep! Still works like a charm.

I've also been asked how in the world I have the energy to clean so much at night after working all day, cooking and spending time with my family. To be completely honest, I am exhausted. It's actually a pretty good feeling because I know that I have accomplished big tasks and can see immediate results. My one real "trick" is not slowing down once I get home in the evenings.

When we get home, I prepare dinner. Caleb normally plays with Ryan while I'm getting food to the table. While I've done this series, I have used the crockpot a LOT! Once dinner is finished, I tackle kitchen clean up as Ryan gives Caleb a bath and he splashes around for a bit. Then Caleb and I snuggle up on the couch for about thirty minutes as he winds down and gets ready for bed. Once we put Caleb to bed, I get moving again. If I sit on the couch after Caleb goes to bed, I will not accomplish anything at all. After I've done my cleaning project for the night, I wind down by taking a nice long shower and then writing my next blog post. It takes just long enough for me to get sleepy!

My adrenaline starts pumping once I see some serious progress around the house! The biggest thing is just to keep moving! Turn on your favorite music, fix a big glass of water and clean....

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