Friday, November 2, 2012

Ready for the Holidays - Curtains/Linens

Today we will spend a little time getting our homes smelling fresh. I think many times we forget that our drapes, curtains, and bed linens can hold odors and dirt. All of my curtains and bed linens can thankfully be thrown into the washing machine. If you can, go ahead and wash those today! Make sure to follow all care instructions for them so they come out looking just like new.

If any of your curtains need some attention, now is the time to press them and check for damage. If the hem has come loose, you can sew them. If they are really in bad shape, now is the time to replace them. My child has a tendency of hanging from a couple of mine (I kid you not....) and I normally have to fix a couple of stitches in them from time to time.

After washing and drying all of your bed linens, make sure you go ahead and remake all of the beds. Don't leave them lying around to get wrinkled. I've found that adding a half cup of plain ammonia to my bed linens makes them come out very fresh smelling. Don't worry, they still smell just like your laundry detergent! They simply have a much fresher smell to them.

Normally while I am cleaning my curtains, I'll go ahead and dust any blinds in the house.

When you finish this task, you will notice a big difference in the way your home smells!

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