Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ready for the Holidays : A New Series Begins!

I enjoyed the daily blogging with the 31 Days series so much that I've honestly considered doing another series. I'm thinking along the lines of preparing for the holiday season upon us and getting ready for holiday guests. Plus it will motivate my behind to actually be ready for those things this year instead of waiting until the...very...last...minute!

Since November is just beginning this is the perfect time to start!

I think it's super easy to get swept up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. In the month of November, I have Caleb's third birthday to plan and celebrate. Ryan and I also host our small group's Thanksgiving dinner. Then this year is my year to cook a full Thanksgiving meal for my sweet husband's family. Let's not forget that we also begin Christmas shopping! My heart is so very happy when I am busy for the holidays!

Since I'm a full time working mom of one wild toddler, I will make this series as easy and simple as possible. We're not going to spend a whole bunch of money either because we're saving that for actual gifts for those we love. We are going to maximize our time when we prep our homes for the holidays and still enjoy time with our families. I'm not going to overload you, but we are going to make dramatic differences in the way we get our homes and lives ready for this busy time of year.

 Devote a little time of your day to this series I will help us get through it with a little more grace!

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