Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ready for the Holidays: Speed Cleaning

The night before your holiday meal or gathering is the perfect time to run around your house like a mad person cleaning and tidying. Lucky for us this year we've been deep cleaning along the way so this isn't going to be so bad, right?!?

If you have little ones running around, things may have gotten a little out of control with the toys after you deep cleaned. That's absolutely okay! That's just life, my friends. It happens to us on a daily basis too. Wanna see?

Caleb and Ryan can wreck a room faster than Island Cove can be destroyed by a tornado. Trust me....I've seen both! 

First, you want to pick up the main areas your guests will see:
Kitchen, living room, foyer, and bathrooms.

Clean the toilets and countertops. 

Wipe down the counters in your kitchen. 

Wash any dishes and put away. Empty the dishwasher if you need to. Keep your dishwasher clean so you can keep baking dishes and utensils cleaned up during your cooking process. Don't leave those dishes in the sink!

Make sure your laundry is done and put away properly. Now is not the time to shove it in a spare closet (not that I've ever done this....). 

Make sure all the beds are made. 

Vacuum or sweep!

Dust your furniture. 

Mop high traffic areas if needed.

And you're good to go! This whole process should only take an hour to complete as long as you've been deep cleaning with me this month. If you've missed a bit, it may take you a little longer. 


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