Monday, November 12, 2012

Special Day

Dear Caleb,

     How are you three today??? I swear it was just yesterday that Daddy and I were headed to the hospital to have you. This year your personality has shown through and you have been the biggest joy in our family! I have watched you grow into a silly, brilliant, strong willed child. I am so very blessed to just know you.

    There are days that I wonder how in the world God trusted me enough to give me you. I'm supposed to teach you everything and help you grow into an amazing man. You simply overwhelm me! You are so very smart....too smart sometimes. You have such a big's just the sweetest thing. You seem to get into everything....and always run to me when you need me to get out. You pitch the nastiest fits....but it shows that you are a passionate person. You're so stubborn.....but you're just like me.

    I love all the hugs and kisses. I love when you put your little hand on the side of my face and say, "Mama, you're my bestest." I love how you ask to snuggle before bed. I love that you pray. I love that you sing about God. I love that we talk about everything God has made. I love that you have friends at school. I love that you know more people at church than I do! I love all of the sweet compliments I get about you. I love that we can have conversations now. Every single thing you do just amazes me. You are this unbelievably special person that has come into our lives and flipped everything upside down.

    Our lives are so much fun with you at this age! We love listening to your long, drawn out crazy stories about everything. We love playing with you and going new places together. You keep us laughing at all the silly things you say! You follow Daddy everywhere and imitate all that he does. Daddy doesn't care for your whining so much right now, but secretly he loves his mini-me. You remind me of him every day....must be why you butt heads so much!

    I am so excited to start this third year with you! I cannot wait to see how much you grow and change. I am so very proud of you, sweetie. I love everything about you! You are truly my bestest!

Love Always (especially on your birthday),

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