Friday, November 9, 2012

What's In A Name?

This week our boat got her new stripes and name! Ryan and I are terribly excited!

Being in the marine industry for almost 18 years combined, we wanted our boat to reflect us. Early on when we began working on the boat, random people would approach us for advice and assistance on their own boats. We politely have to decline because, hey, it's how we actually make a living! Ryan and I began this ongoing joke of how we needed to somehow include that whole idea in our boat name....

That's how "Knot Working" was born!

Our boat made it through the Island Cove tornado, so it's only fitting that Island Cove be listed as her home. 

Joe, a friend of the marina and our family, made the letters and put them on for us. He also put the stripes on the boat. Joe is the only person Ryan and I would trust this job to. 

If I had attempted to do this myself, it would have been such a mess. We are so very thankful for Joe!

It's simply amazing to see him do this. Joe has striped for so long that he basically just eyeballs it. I really enjoyed watching him. 

Ryan and I are some really proud boat owners!!!

Joe added a beautiful silver leaf above the black striping on the top of the boat. 

I absolutely love it! 

We are so happy with our little boat!


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