Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Pretty Girl

We celebrated my sweet niece's birthday this week! She's turning three and is just absolutely precious to us. Her parents wanted to have the party at the same place we had Caleb's and the kids just loved playing. My mom and I jumped in too and they thought it was hilarious. I've never seen Caleb and Zoey laugh so hard. They were just a little too short to reach a couple of things so we helped them out...

Ryan enjoyed playing with the kids too!
It's still hard to believe Caleb and Zoey were born five weeks apart. She is so petite compared to him!

Why, yes, that is my mother coming down a slide...She's a wild woman. 

I'm still a kid at heart. That's probably why I enjoy being a boy mom so very much! 

My mom made Zoey a Minnie Mouse cake for her birthday and it was so amazingly good! 

One certain child was upset because he didn't understand that it wasn't his birthday. The poor thing wanted to help Zoey blow out the candles so badly...and open Zoey's gifts. 

I absolutely love this picture of Brian and Zoey! She is just precious to all of us. My brother has been a daddy for three years now and they are the best of friends. They adore each other! 


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  1. Nothing like the bond a girl has with her Daddy!



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