Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rock City, Baby

Rock City's Garden of Lights has always been near and dear to my heart. When I was pregnant with Caleb I dreamed of the special moments of taking him to see Christmas lights. I looked forward to sharing things like that with him. Now that he's older, we can have so much fun with it! I looked back at our Rock City trip from last year (HERE) and still cannot believe how much we've changed in the past year. 

Caleb absolutely loved the snowman this year. He talked with him a few times during the night. 

I always get a picture in front of this tree. What a difference a year makes...

Crazy, right?!?

Caleb was actually pretty good about all the pictures last night. Normally he resists, but I think he was too distracted to care....

He is very interested in nativity scenes this year. Every time he sees one he says, "I love baby Jesus!" 

I had to get this picture last night! We went through Fat Man's Squeeze and I have never been able to pass through without turning sideways....until last night! I actually walked straight through and I was ecstatic! Ryan is broad in the shoulders and he even had to turn. I kept saying, "I fit!" 

I love his little face here. Caleb was trying to explain something to his daddy...

I've always loved this giant star. You can see it from the road when you come up the mountain. Always so pretty!

This is a picture of Chattanooga. I think we have one of the prettiest cities in the nation. I absolutely love living here. 

For a real blast from the past, this is our very first Christmas together five years ago....

We had the best time this year. This is the first year I didn't have to carry Caleb through it and we enjoyed it so much more. I love this age with Caleb because we get to enjoy this season so much more. I love sharing the excitement and wonder with him. Ryan and I get to be kids again with Caleb. 


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