Sunday, December 16, 2012


On Saturday, my mom and I went shopping together. This was such a special treat because we usually stay so busy we don't get time to do this together. I can't really remember a time that Mom and I tried on clothes together and really enjoyed it.

There has never been a time in my life that I've been able to go into a store, pick up multiple outfits, try them on and love every single piece. For the past five years, I've avoided even trying that. I looked horrible in just about everything I tried on because I had let myself get so heavy.

You may laugh, but the last time I actually tried on clothes was almost a year ago. I liked a couple of things, but was pretty much discouraged by everything else. I've mentioned here before that I am usually just given clothes because I have such an aversion to shopping for them now.

My mom convinced me to give brighter colors a try now. I grabbed a few things thinking I would just give them a try. I didn't think I would care for much of it, but I had quite a handfull of outfits to try out. When I started trying things on, I was absolutely shocked. Things didn't look nearly as bad as I had it planned out in my mind....

A year ago, I would have never tried this sweater on.... It just didn't hide enough! 

This was about the point, that I really got excited. All of the shirts were mediums! I'm sorry, but I haven't been in a medium shirt in about six years! 

When I tried to explain my happiness to Ryan later that evening, I just cried. I've never been able to pick up random clothes and have them all fit right or feeling like I look like a cow. Until you've been through a big weight loss, you really cannot grasp the feelings. I cried for joy because I can wear cute things. I don't feel like a cow. Yeah, I bawled like a baby over it. When you've been here:

Then you can understand why I cried...

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  1. I just want to say you look amazing and are such an inspiration! Way to go.



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