Sunday, December 2, 2012

We Share...

I'm sick and it's Caleb's fault. I honestly thought his whole bronchitis thing was going to miss me, but no such luck. I am grateful that Caleb and I did not get sick at the same time. Praise the Lord for that!

As soon as Caleb started "feelin' gweat", I started feeling the opposite. After coughing all...night....long, I broke down and went to a local walk in clinic. One steroid shot and a prescription for antibiotics and an inhaler later, I still feel like total crap. Fabulous bronchitis, my friends.

So it's plenty of rest, medicine, Mucinex and water for me for the next several days....Have I mentioned how fabulous this is? Sure beats the stomach bug going around that several of my buddies have!

On Saturday we put up our Christmas trees. I just absolutely love that my sweet boy can really enjoy the decorations this year. It has started quite a few discussions about the true meaning of Christmas. Totally makes my heart happy! When he called his granny on the phone last night, he told her the real reason we have Christmas: Jesus was born!!!! So proud of him!

Ryan and Caleb have really entered a sweet, silly stage together. They are becoming great buddies and love to be silly together. So sweet to hear them both laughing like crazy...

We kept our decorations very simple this year so we could focus on spending time together as a family and focusing on the real meaning of Christmas. 

I was given my first nativity scene last year and I just could not wait to set it out! I simply love it and I was able to talk about each piece with Caleb as we unwrapped it. 

Ryan always assembles the tree and puts the lights on for me. It's my least favorite part! Then I get turned loose to decorate it. I just love our tree!

I also put a small tree in our room. I love watching TV or reading in our room at night with this tree lit. 

Caleb got a small tree in his room and he was so excited! When he woke up from his nap yesterday, we had the big tree all decorated. He just sat in front of it and stared!

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  1. This is one of my favorite posts for the year. I love knowing that children can understand the real meaning of Christmas. :) It makes me grateful to know they grasp that concept. What a blessing!



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