Thursday, December 6, 2012


What a week, my friends! I am beyond grateful to be feeling better today. I ended up at my regular doctor  yesterday. Got myself a whole cocktail of shots (one in each hip) and it really seems to have pushed me to feel much better. I'm also taking more antibiotics and cough medicine for several more days. I have honestly not felt that sick in years...On Tuesday night I was running a fever that reached 102.2 and wanting my mama.

I have not cried for my mama when I was feeling sick since I was a college student. I kid you not...

Poor Ryan had no idea what to do with me and little Caleb told me about forty-seven million times "Mommy, I hope you feel better."

When he broke out his little doctor kit, I knew things were serious... 

My fever broke late Tuesday night and I finally got some rest. Until about 11:00 Tuesday night, I had a total of 6 hours worth of sleep in the past 60 hours. I was loosing my ever-lovin' mind. The steroid shot I got in the hip on Sunday morning was to blame. I considered hunting down the doctor at the walk-in clinic who gave it to me....once or twice....nah, maybe fifty times.

I got more steroids yesterday, but they have not had the same effect. Thank goodness, because my regular doctor keeps his boat at the marina and I would sink it if he did that to me again. I think he knew that too while I was near tears in his office yesterday when he mentioned more steroids. I may have even threatened him a little....thank heavens he's a friend who knows I'm usually not psychotic! It would be a complete shame too because I really love his boat....

He may have once or twice looked at my husband and wondered how in the world that man has put up with me...Seriously, I have a great doctor because I feel pretty awesome today! May be something to do with those steroids....No boats were harmed while I was sick, by the way. 

Yep, I'm wired on steroids and cough medicine and albuterol. Fabulous....At least I'm not feeling as psychotic, right? And I did sleep last night!


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