Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Little Dirt Never Hurt

My sweet husband kidnapped us for a weekend in Tellico. While I love going and spending time there, I despise going during the winter. I don't care for being cold and trapped in a camper with a three year old. Since this weekend was warmer, I caved. I honestly enjoyed every bit of it!

Caleb played his little heart out the entire time. On Friday night, he spent the night at his grandparents' cabin. They have a room set up just for him and he loves it. 

Caleb cracked us up so much with his stories and facial expressions. 

Caleb loves being goofy and I am so glad he's confident enough to show that side of himself. 

I love this picture of Ryan. I think he gets more and more handsome every day. 

I love the joy of Caleb's face when he plays. 

Ryan and I tackled a much needed project at the camper this weekend. While we worked, Caleb made it his goal to get as absolutely filthy as he could possibly get. 

This child had mud around his nose, in his hair, and on his ears. 

I don't mind the mud. It will wash! I love that he's absolutely all boy!


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