Monday, January 21, 2013

Almost There

I finally have a weight update... I am only 14.5 pounds away from my overall goal! I cannot even begin to express how excited I am. For the first time, it actually seems attainable. When I started I never imagined I would get there. I figured I'd get maybe half way and feel extremely grateful for any loss. 61 pounds just seemed so big and so far away. I know it has taken me longer than others, but that's not what really matters. The thing that matters most is that I stuck with it.

When you think about it, sixty-one pounds is a lot. I can pick up my almost fifty pound child and it feels unbelievably heavy. When I was heavier, I never realized how hard that extra weight was on my body.

No more Photoshop cropping for me, baby!
I don't even look like the same person anymore...

I have tracked my weight loss from the beginning. There were times that it took months to move the scale in the right direction. In the past, I would have given up and gained more weight. Instead I focused on just maintaining where I was. That has been the key to getting through the plateaus. I don't know of anyone trying to lose a large amount of weight that doesn't hit the plateaus along the way. A successful person discovers how to find encouragement when weight loss is more difficult. It will pass if you stick with it. It may take some time, but if you focus on what you have already accomplished it will give you the strength to push through.

Now that my goal is getting closer, I have finally set a reward. Ryan and I have decided that we will take Caleb to an indoor waterpark when I hit the 61.5 mark. We have picked one that's rated one of the best in the United States. Last year, there was absolutely no way I'd have gone to a waterpark. When I reach my goal, I'm going to go for it and have fun with my family! From the beginning it was my dream to be more active with my family.

I've been so reluctant to set a goal so far. I know many people set mini-goals for themselves throughout the weight loss. I've seen some at ten pound increments. I really don't know why I never did, but I think on some level I was originally afraid that I'd just never reach any of them.

I've also started to think about what I will do once I reach my original goal. I've talked to Ryan about maybe just continuing on to see how far I can go, but I won't obsess over it. Once I reach my goal I know I can be one hundred percent comfortable with my body and anything past that is just a bonus.



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