Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baseball and Crabs

On Saturday, Ryan and I signed Caleb up to play baseball this spring. He is so excited to "be on a team, hit the ball, and run really fast". I cannot believe how big he's gotten. 

We measured him yesterday and he's 42" tall now...Seriously 3 and a half feet tall! I am only two feet taller than my child. How did that happen so fast?! 

After signing up for baseball, we headed to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. They have so much to do there for families and they have plenty of shopping. We were hoping to actually see some snow too. 

Caleb was really great for the 2 hour car ride. He watched movies, talked and ate the entire time. I think he's going through another growth spurt because he says he's hungry all the time lately. 

We stopped at Smokey Mountain Knife Works to find Ryan a new knife. We spotted snow and Caleb just had to see it. He begged to build a snowman. It's just plain hard explaining to a three year old that there simply isn't enough snow to build a snowman....

The knife store we went in was three stories of more knives than you could ever look at in one day. Thankfully Ryan knew what brand he wanted. There are also more stuffed animals around the store than you can see in one trip....Caleb loved the bears. 

Ryan and I had looked for Caleb a "shooting gun" for Christmas, but we couldn't find one in Chattanooga. We knew Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg would be our best bet, and we found one in the knife store. 
We then went to Wonder Works. It's a kid's dream! There are so many exhibits designed to teach science concepts to children while having a blast. There were rock climbing walls, rope courses, and simulated projects that immediately captured both Ryan and Caleb's attention. We now know what it's like to experience a 6.0 earthquake and a category 3 hurricane's winds.  

I seriously enjoyed watching both of my "kids" have fun!

After Wonder Works, we knew exactly where we wanted to eat! There's a Joe's Crab Shack close and we hadn't eat at one since I was pregnant with Caleb. There was a little wait, so Caleb got to play in more snow on their playground. All of the children got into a huge snowball fight and I looked up to see my child right in the middle of it! I have to admit that he was fierce even though he was the youngest one! 
I love seeing him play with other kids. 

And my two guys finally got to build that snowman....
It was tiny, but cute as could be!

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