Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Batter Up

This weekend, Caleb will be signed up for his very first season of T Ball. To say I am excited is a real stretch. I have waited so long for this day to come. When I knew I was pregnant with a little boy, visions of him playing baseball, football or soccer flashed through my mind. For some reason I just knew he would be athletic and love sports.

Last night Ryan and I decided it was time for Caleb to have his own ball glove and bat so he could get comfortable with them before the season actually starts. That child was so excited and he kept telling me he got a big surprise because he was a big boy now.

I just had my iPhone with me, so the pics aren't that great. 

After buying the bat, glove, and ball Caleb kept telling both of us thank you so much. 

Ryan and Caleb passed the ball for awhile last night and he did better than I expected. I think Ryan's really getting into it too. Last night after Caleb fell asleep, Ryan worked on his glove for a while trying to get it more flexible. I think we are all going to enjoy this upcoming baseball season. 

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