Monday, January 28, 2013

Boat Show 2013

I've been MIA for a few days while I was working at the Chattanooga Boat Show with my company. By the time we're finished, we are all worn out but totally pumped up with boat fever! Everyone is ready for spring and to get back out on the lake for some beautiful boating. The boat show always signals to me that spring is right around the corner!

This boat show was pretty special for us at Island Cove. A very well known professional fisherman who only fishes out of Nitro boats (one of the Tracker boats we sell) stopped by on Saturday for a meet and greet. I was a little star struck, but I soon realized the Edwin Evers and I had a few things in common. Not only do we love Tracker boats, but we both have three year old little boys. He is also a Christian man who gives glory to God for all of his success! He was down to earth and super nice.

How awesome is that? 

Our Tracker rep, Mark, came out to show the show. On the left is our local Nitro guy, Greg. 

Ryan brought Caleb to to the show so we could see each other for a minute. The most difficult part of working such a long weekend is missing him. 

Caleb loved the Z-9 and Edwin Evers showed him how to drive it. 

I had really missed my husband too! Ryan and Caleb had some major guy bonding time together while I was working. They built forts and passed a baseball around the house. 

Before Edwin Evers left, we got pictures with some of the Island Cove crew. 

Sunday evening is always a mad house when it's time to tow all the boats home and break down all of our stuff. It's actually a lot of fun! 
I'm glad to be home and back to normal after a long, busy weekend. 

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