Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cabin Getaway

I have something special to share with y'all today. 

Last year my parents decided to buy a cabin so they could enjoy a weekend getaway. As soon as it was theirs, my parents went in and did some major updating. I don't mean replacing a few things here and there. They went in, painted everything and decorated every square inch. Now that things are finished, I wanted to share the before and after pictures with you.

This was the cabin exterior before:

My parents extended the porch so that they could enjoy a view of the river. 

I am absolutely in LOVE with this outdoor furniture. It's beyond gorgeous!

The living room before seemed pretty cramped. 

Mom ordered new wood furniture with custom cushions. This is how it looks now with plenty of seating:

The kitchen before was plain and lacked any decor:

Mom used the empty space above the cabinets to display her cabin decor. She cut out a vinyl black bear with her Cricut and applied it to an old toaster. 

Her main colors throughout the cabin are black and red. She made the valances herself. 

Mom and Dad put knobs on the cabinets that have beautiful trout on them. 

I love how everything ties in together now. 

This was the master bedroom before:

And after Mom tackled it: 

She replaced the furniture with a beautiful natural wood set. 

The master bath is probably one of Caleb's favorite parts. He just loves the big jetted tub in here! 
Before it was very dated and desperately needed an update. 

Mom carried the black and red decor through the master bath as well. 

I love that everything is clutter free! It's amazing how organizing totally changes the look of a room. 

The guest bath was an absolute nightmare. I remember calling Mom while she was working on everything and how frustrated she was. This room require extensive drywall repair. Luckily, my mom knows how to do all that. She was raised right! 

Not only does it look great now, all of the walls look just as good as the decor! 

This was one of the guest rooms before:

I'm not even going to comment on anything in this room. My mom taught me if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all....

After completely stripping the room and painting, Mom transformed this into a room for her grandbabies! The twin bed in here makes the room look so much better! The bottom slides out and has another twin mattress so both Caleb and Zoey can sleep over. 

She used her Cricut here to cut out the vinyl black bears and trees for the walls. 

The toy box holds all of the kids' toys. How cute is this room? 

The second guest room needed a lot of help as well. 

Mom and Dad replaced the furniture in here with a natural wood set. It's just gorgeous! 

This is the hallway going to the laundry area. 

This is the laundry area before:

And here it is now decorated and decluttered:

Mom now has cabinets above the washer and dryer to keep her supplies stored nicely. 

The cabin had a nice screened porch:

Dad installed plexiglass windows so that this area could be used year round. 

Belle totally approves of this warm area now! 

The parking area located behind the cabin needed some work and it had no fire pit. With the help of some friends, my brother and my husband, Dad built a large retaining wall. 

He filled the area with new gravel and made a fire pit. 

With a lot of fresh paint, a ton of patience and plenty of hard work, Mom and Dad transformed this place into their perfect mountain getaway. My mom is so crafty and can make just about anything. She has put so much time into getting everything just right.

We have all enjoyed spending family time together here. My parents have worked so hard and this is exactly what they need to relax!

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