Thursday, January 17, 2013

From Blue to Grey

It's been a while since I've given you a boat update. Ryan and I got some awesome news yesterday! 

A friend of ours at the marina has found us a new piece of carpet to go in our boat. In the picture below you can see the bright blue existing carpet. Nothing against it, if you happen to like that shade of electric blue in a boat. It's just not our thing. 

If you'll remember, it was all throughout our boat. 

Our friend actually makes the custom carpet for boats at the marina and he has saved us a piece of this:

It's a beautiful shade of grey. He even offered to help Ryan cut it to fit and is going to have the edges bound for us. I love this color since it won't show dirt and won't fade into an ugly shade. The back of it has a non-skid rubber. This is fantastic since the area it's going in gets a lot of water on it. 

I am truly looking forward to seeing this part done! We can finally say goodbye to the blue and hello to nice, clean, and stylish. 

The interior of our boat has the same blue carpeting. We have a different plan for the interior. My parents gave us enough wood flooring to do the interior of our boat. 

See how needed it is?!

I've joked with Ryan several times that we are probably the cheapest cruiser type boat owners around! We have been blessed with so many friends that have stepped forward to help us make this boat beautiful. I cannot wait to share the final outcome with everyone. 

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