Thursday, January 3, 2013

Just Kidding!

Last week Ryan and I took every chance we had to act like kids.... Since we had all three kids we needed to get some energy out of our systems! 

We went to our local inflatable jump place and had the best time! 

Ryan is such a kid when it comes to playing with them. 

The kids were so very wild! 

After jumping around, we decided to try skating out. Ryan and I loved skating when we were kids. I honestly hadn't been skating in maybe ten years so I was more than a little nervous about falling....

Caleb tried it out for maybe five minutes and decided it just wasn't his thing. 

Madison, Bryce and I ended up skating for about two hours. We loved it! I fell once and still have the bruise on my knee. It looks awful, but really wasn't that bad. 

It's amazing how good it felt to turn loose and act like a kid. 

I've realized Ryan and I will never be the type of parents who sit on the sidelines and cheer their kids on. Nope, we're a jump right in and play with them type. At the jump place and skating rink, we saw so many parents watching from the side. I honestly don't care if I look like a fool playing along with my child. We're too busy making memories to care!


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