Friday, January 4, 2013

Make Up and Football

Over the holiday break, we stayed really busy. My stepkids get to spend Christmas with us every other year, so we have to pack in as much as we can while they are with us. The day after Christmas, we had a girl's day. Madison and I got dressed up so we could go shopping with my mother-in-law. Madison is at such a fun age now....It's all clothes and make up and perfume!

On Thursday, we got together at my in-laws' house for a football game. I giggled all the way to their house because we literally had enough Tennessee gear to dress our family! The funniest part? Madison was able to wear one of Caleb's jerseys....He's really catching up to her. 

Our game ended in a tie....It was freezing out and we had a grumpy toddler. I actually got to play quarterback for a couple of plays and it was fun. For the record, our entire family is pretty competitive! 

Later on in the week, we had dinner with Ryan's father at Olive Garden. 
Madison and Caleb fell in love with the breadsticks....can't really blame them there!

I enjoyed spending extra time with my sweet boy. It was hard going back to work after having so many days off with him. He's such a joy to me. 

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