Monday, January 14, 2013


I love a good cleaning project. You know the ones where you can see a drastic difference? Yeah, I'm pretty much obsessed with that kind of stuff. When Ryan's parents gave him a pressure washer for Christmas, I was pretty sure both of us were giddy over the new cleaning possibilities. 

Our weekend getaway is located fairly close to the river. There is so much moisture in the air we have to run air dryers inside constantly to keep the mold and mildew away. Unfortunately, our porch and camper get a lovely slippery, green coating on them. We normally pressure wash once or twice a year to keep things clean. We were past due for it this time because we hadn't been in a while. 

Before we started, everything was so slick! We had to be extra careful not to fall. 

After about two hours of straight washing, we were able to get things looking pretty again! 

So much better!

When pressure washing a porch, you have to be really careful with how close you get to the wood. It's possible to splinter it with all the pressure coming out. We also recommend using Simple Green during the process. Scrubbing the mold and mildew with Simple Green and then pressure washing gets everything clean and smelling good. 

While we were busy cleaning, someone was busy getting dirty....

Caleb told us the porch wasn't "slickery" anymore... 


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  1. Visiting from I Heart Organizing...our pressure washer is one of my favorite tools! I personally think it's relaxing to blast away dirt and grime :)



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