Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cooking with Caleb

I don't mind messes from time to time. I'm the parent who allows my child to splash in the bath tub....I don't mind when he gets completely muddy playing outside...and I don't mind scraping cookie dough off the walls every now and then. I'm the one camped out in the living room building forts at night. Ryan and I have always wanted Caleb to just fully experience life. We don't want to hold him back from trying new things. 

Yeah, we're super busy sometimes. And yes, we clean up a lot of mess all the time. But he's learning and that's what matters to us. 

Last night we tried something new. 
I let Caleb help me make meatloaf. I actually thought I was setting myself up for something like The Cookie Disaster of 2010

We actually had a countdown....

After a minute of squishing things together I learned something. Caleb and I both have an aversion to touching raw meat. I mean, seriously, that is absolutely disgusting! Probably why I haven't made meatloaf in a year. 

He was ready to wash his hands immediately! I really couldn't blame him. 


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