Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mantle Decor

I have always been horrible at decorating mantles. I've just never had the knack for it. I see so many people pulling off beautiful decor around their fireplaces and I just love it. For two weeks I have been drooling over pictures on Pinterest. 

Luckily I now have a beautiful clean slate to work with! 

I went to Home Goods to look for ideas. I can't go in that store without wanting at least twenty things. I just fall in love every time I step through the door! 

Fortunately for my husband, I walked away spending only $25.08! I found some pretty good deals to help me update my mantle. The pretty glass and candle were my biggest purchases. 

Not bad, right?!
 I plan to maybe add something to the bottom to help fill it in a bit. 

I found the little jar with a bird topper for only a couple of dollars. I fell in love! 

I already had the Scentsy burner and moved it in here from the kitchen. I love the light it gives off while we're watching TV. The light just bounces off of the glass pieces on the mantle and it looks so pretty. 

I had another little glass jar that I added. I want to put something in it as well. 
I found the Family Rules sign at Home Goods last night for about $5.00! 
I just fell in love!

I put my newest milk glass find on the side and will add some fresh flowers to brighten everything up. 

So far, this is what I've come up with. I want to keep it simple and bring in some Spring colors. I love how cheerful this area is now! 


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