Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Normal

The last two weekends, I have been away from my sweet boy. First it was the boat show and then Ryan and I were really sick. I was in need of some family time by the time Saturday rolled around. 

One of Caleb's favorite places is the Tennessee Aquarium. Ryan and I got a family membership so that we could enjoy it year round. 

Caleb and I had a really goofy weekend. For some reason we just wanted to be silly and Ryan had to put up with us. 

Our aquarium has two buildings, so we took a break before going into the second one. Ryan decided to take us to an early dinner at TGIFriday's. It was sooo good! I found a balsamic chicken Caesar salad that was really good. And it was even better when I found out it only had 500 calories!

I just love these two guys so much. They are so very special to me. 

I think my favorite part is seeing the penguins. 

This is our life now... Caleb's always doing his own crazy thing while Ryan and I are trying to look normal. Ha! 

Yep, that's my kid ridin' a penguin. 

We see this expression on Caleb's face quite often now. He completely cracks us up with his (teenage) attitude. 

We had such a great time and I'm so excited that we can visit all year now! 


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