Friday, February 22, 2013

Playground and Pizza Night

Tara and I took the kids to one of our local malls this week. Our two independent children enjoyed walking around the mall. Caleb tries to take care of Zoey, but she's ready to do everything all by herself! 
It's rare now for us to get these pictures since they both want to do their own thing! 

Of course we had to stop at the play area. I was amazed with Caleb's speed. I literally was in shock that he could run so fast....I'm a little concerned at this point because I'm not sure I can actually run fast enough to catch him.

Caleb is such a ham! I love this age.

We took the kids to their favorite pizza place for dinner. Caleb loves the parmesean cheese....I looked over to catch him scooping up a pile he had on his plate and dumping it in his mouth. There's never been any doubt that he's my kid...We're too much alike. 


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