Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Our weekend was spent working on the mantle project, spending time with my mom, and Caleb stealing tools. This kid is literally trying every ounce of Ryan's patience with the tools. We have laughed so hard at all of the excuses Caleb comes up with to explain why he needs all of his daddy's tools. It's quite entertaining.

To distract him a little, I made popcorn on Saturday. While helping Ryan, I looked over to see this:

That is totally my kid! If I wasn't trying to act like a grown up most of the time, I would seriously eat popcorn like that. I think Caleb was doomed to love popcorn from the beginning. While I was pregnant with him my craving was movie theater popcorn chased with jalapeno slices. No wonder I had the worst heartburn with the kid...I had ugly cravings for popcorn and jalapenos. 

Mom and I went to a couple of antique stores. We so enjoy going together and we always find the craziest stuff....

We found Bambi! 

While no one was watching, we stopped for a quick picture. 
When we paid for our awesome finds, I noticed there were plenty of cameras throughout the store. The owners probably enjoyed our photoshoot....

I found three vases that I just fell in love with. Many decorators are bringing out the milk glass on Pinterest and blogs. I absolutely love the look of it, so I found two vases. I also stumbled across a turquoise vase for an upcoming project. 

We had Sunday dinner with my in-laws. Caleb was wound up as usual...
I don't know how they stand it sometimes. They must have more patience than Mother Teresa! 


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