Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Past

If you've been around for very long, you know I love comparison pictures. 

There's no doubt that I have drastic "before" pictures...Let's compare Easter from year to year!

Here's 2010....


Obviously I thought I could hide some fat behind my husband???


And 2013!!!!!

Yay for change!

I've gone from tight 16's and extra large everything to 10's and mediums...I've lost almost 53 pounds (and still not done)...and I feel better than I ever have! Maybe next Easter I can show even more change....
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Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Pictures

Poor Caleb missed out on his Spring pictures since he's been sick. Y'all know I cannot pass up a chance to capture pictures of that child, so Ryan and I dressed him up to take some pictures. 

We may get rain on Easter so we picked a beautiful early Spring day to take some pictures. 

I love seeing my guys dressed nice. They are such good looking guys! 

I simply love the expressions Caleb has. He's so amazing to me! God has truly blessed me by giving him to us. Yes, he's all boy. Yes, he's strong willed. But, he is our sweet child through and through. 


Date Nights

I love date nights with my hubby! When we dated, almost every evening was date night for us. I miss that at times, but now that date nights are less frequent I value the time with him even more. Our weekends are filled with all things Caleb now.

Road Trips
   Ryan and I have the best times on road trips. There's time for us to reconnect and focus on our conversations while we're on the road. To me there's nothing like spending time with my husband, riding carefree down the road, and singing to our favorite music. Times like that are when we really connect on the whole husband and wife level.
  A few of our favorite road trip destinations:

  • Charleston
  • Washington D.C.
  • Panama City Beach
  • Tellico
  • Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge
  • Atlanta
  • Virginia Beach

Ryan and Wendy's Favorite Date Ideas:
  • Go to a new restaurant
  • Movie night 
  • Bowling
  • Working Out Together
  • Dinner on the boat
  • Tackle a Home Project

It really doesn't matter where we go, just that we have the quality time together. 

As parents it's easy to get so wrapped up in every day life that you forget to focus on the most important part of the family: Your Marriage! 

I am blessed with an amazing husband. This man and I do life together. We have to take the time to laugh together, talk together, and just play together. Life can be busy, frustrating, and dramatic at times. You have to keep in mind that your spouse is going through it with you. Make the time to show that person how much you love and care about them by investing one on one time with them. 

Your dates don't have to be over the top or super expensive.
 You don't have to over plan it. 
Go to the park and cook out together. 
Ride your bikes. 
Take a long walk.
Rent a movie and watch it after the kids are in bed.
Just make sure you do something together! 


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Southern Fried

So, I've been talking lately with the ever-so-lovely CeCe (y'all should totally check out her's fabulous) and we've been comparing notes. We got to talkin' about Southern food and our families.

Nothing against my mama's cooking at all, friends! That woman can flat out cook.

Her potato salad is out of this world amazing....her new mac and cheese recipe is simply to die for...and her chicken and dumplings can make anyone completely put their diet on hold.

Not even slightly joking.

It's a wonder I wasn't 400 pounds growing up, friends! My mama makes amazing food and I like to eat it. Plain and simple.

My dad and brother are fairly picky eaters and my mom is skinny enough she doesn't really have to worry about the foods she cooks. Unfortunately for me, I liked it all and I overate it all.

Here in the South, we like things fried and butter is a staple item in all our cooking. Paula Deen nailed it with the butter thing, y'all.
Image Via

Bless that woman's heart, I love her and her cooking. My hips do not. I can look at a stick of butter and gain weight!

When our family gets together, we bring out the very best foods. Here we show people love through food. (That same food loves to remain on my hips.) We take care of people by baking and sending casseroles.

When people are showing their love through food, it can really wreak havoc on any weight loss attempts. You certainly don't want to offend someone who thought enough about you to cook for you. And a lot of the time the food is so unbelievably good, it leaves you craving more and more.

What's a Southern girl to do???

1) It's okay to cheat every once in a while!
2) You can always workout a little harder to make up for the extra calories.
3) You can fill up on some veggies before going to a get together so that you aren't completely starving and piling the food in once you get there.
4) You can simply admit that you're watching what you eat. My mama is good enough to work around that for me. (I love her green beans....)
5) Drink plenty of water throughout the meal! You will feel full sooner.
6) Try to stick with the lesser of two evils. If there's fried chicken and veggies covered in cheese, go for the veggies. At least you're getting the nutritional value from the veggies and probably saving a few calories.
7) You can always let your husband or kid steal some of the food off your plate. Ha!

Losing weight isn't easy. It's a lifestyle change and sometimes the people around you don't fully understand the struggles that come with it. Those that love you will find a way to support you even if they think you're crazy! (Mine have....)

I keep thinking of that song by Zac Brown Band...."Chicken Fried" as I write this....



Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Sunday evening, we came home from dinner at Ryan's parents' and found that our septic tank needed to be pumped. We live at the bottom of a hill and with as much rain as we've had lately, things tend to back up. The rain water has no where to go and our fill lines were full. On a Sunday evening, either no one is available to pump out your tank at 8:00 at night or they really want a lot of money for it. 

Fortunately, our toilets and drains weren't backing up and we didn't have any smells. We decided to bail out for the night and camp out "marina" style. 

Caleb and I wanted to show you how sad we were...

Yeah, he totally faked it. He was beyond thrilled to be at the marina. 

He loved seeing the water and all the boats. 

We had wind gusts all night long. Combined with a different bed, I didn't get much sleep. The wind was literally howling all night. 

I've also realized something...I have honestly become addicted to my scale. When I woke up and couldn't weigh myself, I had a near panic attack. I have been working so hard to lose those last nine pounds! I didn't realize I was that obsessed with it...oops. 

Caleb woke up and said he slept "gweat"! 
(That kid sleeps through ANYTHING...)

We watched the water as the marina started to come alive for the day. 

It's actually a perfect way to enjoy coffee. 

We are so thankful to be back at home now, but it was nice having a mini-vacation in such a beautiful place. 


Madelleine Grace Giveaway!!!!!!!

I am so excited today, friends! Madelleine Grace has teamed up with Daily Dose of Del Signore for an awesome giveaway! 

Remember those gorgeous pillows Ruth made me for my Chris Craft?

I absolutely fell in love with her beautiful work! 

Want to have one of her fabulous pillow covers too? 
She is giving away one of her 15" Starfish pillow covers (pictured above)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

On April 2nd, a winner will be chosen!
When you enter to win, please leave a comment below telling us how you entered!
You have multiple ways to win, so enter and share away. 
***Winner must live in the United States***

Finish The Sentence


1. If calories didn't count, I would eat...every single roll that my mother-in-law put on the table for dinner on Sunday night. And ice cream...I would eat a ton of ice cream. 
2. On my Prom night....I was lame. Never went out with friends afterward...Sad, right? I was the goody-goody who went straight home and never got into anything.  
3. When I go to the store, I always buy...milk! My kid drinks a ton of that stuff. I'm always afraid we're going to run out and I'd rather stock up. You wouldn't believe the meltdown if we're out of milk. 
4. Family functions typically...means carb overload at dinner and at least three cameras stuck in the kids' faces. 
5. I think my blog readers...are growing! I'm still so overwhelmed at the recent growth in the blog readers. 
6. I'd much rather be.....on vacation with my husband. It's cold here and I am dreaming of lying on a beach somewhere warm. 
7. I have an obsession scale. I weigh every day to keep myself accountable. I had to leave it behind when we stayed at the marina one night this week and I had withdrawals. 
8. My work friends....are NUTS! You wouldn't believe the kind of crazy I have to put up with. 
9. When I created my Facebook account....I never thought I'd use it more than MySpace! Ha! I really couldn't see what all the fuss was about. 
10. My least favorite word is...f*ck. Seriously hate that word. I had a teacher that always said "Only an ignorant person cusses because they don't have the vocabulary to use a better word." That has always stuck with me. 
11. I really don't remember....much from high school. I actually didn't care for it that much and I think my mind likes to block out the majority of the memories! Just not happy times for this girl! 
12. Justin still just a baby to me. 


Monday, March 25, 2013

Eat, Sleep, Boat!

Our Chris Craft interior project is moving along nicely. Since I've recovered the upholstery and started to decorate the interior, I am beginning to piece the decor together. When we first got our boat, I knew that I wanted the cabin to look peaceful and focus on our love of boating.

Englert & Englert is a husband and wife team that creates hand crafted items at affordable prices. They specialize in wood crafts, country signs, and hand painted decorative accents.

Lisa and Jeff, owners of Englert & Englert Hand Crafted Home Decor, made a sign that sums up our entire life!
Eat Sleep Boat sign
Ryan and I are blessed to see the water and boats every day. We are also focused on raising our son on the water and want him to grow up with a love of boating like we have.

3 Piece Distressed Wood Mirror Set
Jeff and Lisa also have beautiful distressed wood mirrors
They are simply gorgeous! 

Family Rules sign

They also have a sweet Family Rules sign
These are so popular right now. 

His Love Endures Forever inspirational sign
This sign is one of my favorites. 
I just love Chris Tomlin's "His Love Endures Forever" and this sign leaves the beautiful lyrics running through my mind. 

Set of Five Teacher Signs

I have so many sweet teacher friends. These wooden signs would be perfect for any classroom. 

Best part about these signs? 

They are gorgeous and affordable!!!

"Eat Sleep Boat" handmade wood sign

♥ Pictured here in antique light blue with black lettering

♥ Size: 4 X 18 inches (all sizes are approximate to 1/2 an inch)

♥ All of their signs are handcrafted in rustic pine. They take great care in the hand crafting process. All of their signs are painted with two coats of base color and hand stenciled. They sand the edges, apply a coat of stain, and finish with a non-yellowing clear coat. They have added two claw tooth hooks on the back for easy hanging.

♥ All of the signs are made to order. 

♥ Sign can be designed with different colors! Just let them know. 

If you'd love to check out their custom signs, shelves or mirrors, you can find them here:



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