Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Sunday evening, we came home from dinner at Ryan's parents' and found that our septic tank needed to be pumped. We live at the bottom of a hill and with as much rain as we've had lately, things tend to back up. The rain water has no where to go and our fill lines were full. On a Sunday evening, either no one is available to pump out your tank at 8:00 at night or they really want a lot of money for it. 

Fortunately, our toilets and drains weren't backing up and we didn't have any smells. We decided to bail out for the night and camp out "marina" style. 

Caleb and I wanted to show you how sad we were...

Yeah, he totally faked it. He was beyond thrilled to be at the marina. 

He loved seeing the water and all the boats. 

We had wind gusts all night long. Combined with a different bed, I didn't get much sleep. The wind was literally howling all night. 

I've also realized something...I have honestly become addicted to my scale. When I woke up and couldn't weigh myself, I had a near panic attack. I have been working so hard to lose those last nine pounds! I didn't realize I was that obsessed with it...oops. 

Caleb woke up and said he slept "gweat"! 
(That kid sleeps through ANYTHING...)

We watched the water as the marina started to come alive for the day. 

It's actually a perfect way to enjoy coffee. 

We are so thankful to be back at home now, but it was nice having a mini-vacation in such a beautiful place. 


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