Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fake People and Dresses

My mom took us Easter outfit shopping this week.
 We decided to have dinner at a local pizza place. Caleb is all about dumping a ton of parmesean cheese on his plate and pizza. 

This was his face after getting caught licking the cheese off his plate. 

We went to the mall and Caleb fell in love with the mannequins. 
He was hugging all the little fake girls. 
I'm really going to have my hands full. 

I would take a picture and he'd ask, "Was that a good one??"

He's really just too much sometimes. 
I love that he's confident enough to act silly out in public. 
He does things I'd never dream of doing!

My mom convinced me to check out a couple of dresses for Easter. 
Friends, I have not worn a dress that didn't come down to my ankles in probably four years. 
(Don't check out my socks!)

I ended up with this one. 
I pray I'm brave enough to wear it. 

I tried on another dress and it just wasn't me. 
I felt like the combination of my hair put up and the flared dress, I was stuck in the 50's!
I actually had a lady comment on it when I showed it to mom. 
She apparently liked it, but I passed on this one. 

I had a doctor's appointment last week. The nurse and I got to talking (Shock, right? I'll talk to anyone!) and I was telling her how much weight I'd lost. I think she might have doubted me. She told me my skin didn't look like I'd lost fifty pounds. Normally with that kind of weight loss there's a lot of baggy skin. I have been so very fortunate to not have to deal with that, but I didn't realize that was unusual. 

My second crazy story comes from work. When you're around the same people every day you tend to not realize changes. Ryan told me a really funny story about one of our coworkers. He was standing in the parking lot with two guys at work. 

One of them elbows Ryan and says, "Check that one out!"
 Ryan looked up just as I was walking across the parking lot!
Ryan says, "You know that's Wendy, right???"
Coworker says, "Oh, man! I'm sorry! I didn't know it was your wife, dude!"

Ryan told me about it and I thought it was so funny. Two years ago, none of that would have ever happened to me. It also makes me feel good that my husband has a better looking wife! 

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  1. I love how the confidence and positiveness just keeps pouring out! :) I'm so proud of you!!



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