Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finish The Sentence


1. If calories didn't count, I would eat...every single roll that my mother-in-law put on the table for dinner on Sunday night. And ice cream...I would eat a ton of ice cream. 
2. On my Prom night....I was lame. Never went out with friends afterward...Sad, right? I was the goody-goody who went straight home and never got into anything.  
3. When I go to the store, I always buy...milk! My kid drinks a ton of that stuff. I'm always afraid we're going to run out and I'd rather stock up. You wouldn't believe the meltdown if we're out of milk. 
4. Family functions typically...means carb overload at dinner and at least three cameras stuck in the kids' faces. 
5. I think my blog readers...are growing! I'm still so overwhelmed at the recent growth in the blog readers. 
6. I'd much rather be.....on vacation with my husband. It's cold here and I am dreaming of lying on a beach somewhere warm. 
7. I have an obsession with....my scale. I weigh every day to keep myself accountable. I had to leave it behind when we stayed at the marina one night this week and I had withdrawals. 
8. My work friends....are NUTS! You wouldn't believe the kind of crazy I have to put up with. 
9. When I created my Facebook account....I never thought I'd use it more than MySpace! Ha! I really couldn't see what all the fuss was about. 
10. My least favorite word is...f*ck. Seriously hate that word. I had a teacher that always said "Only an ignorant person cusses because they don't have the vocabulary to use a better word." That has always stuck with me. 
11. I really don't remember....much from high school. I actually didn't care for it that much and I think my mind likes to block out the majority of the memories! Just not happy times for this girl! 
12. Justin Bieber....is still just a baby to me. 



  1. I need to take the advice your teacher gave you...I have an awful mouth. I consider cuss words sentence enhancers...haha!

  2. I invested some time learning some fairly good adjectives after that!

  3. This was funny because there wasa huge milk meltdown at our house last night. :)



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