Thursday, March 7, 2013

Madelleine Grace

I am so excited to introduce a new blog sponsor to y'all today! 

The very talented and super sweet Ruth, creative mind at Madelleine Grace, sent me three of her custom made pillow covers for our Chris Craft project. I fell head over heels in love with her gorgeous coral pillow. I knew it would be the starting point of my boat decor. It was just the look I was longing for. It's simple, neutral and elegant. 

Ruth and I started talking and I discovered she recently started her business on Etsy. I was so lucky to have found her! She began making the pillows herself because similar items were truly overpriced online and in designer magazines. Not only are her pillows quality handmade, they are priced just right! 

This linen and cotton blend stays largely wrinkle free and matches any décor and lends itself to easy color coordination with any home décor theme. 

The design is also customizable. If you have a certain design, word, letter or number you would like, she is more than happy to work with you. Ruth can also customize the colors used. 

* All seams are serged for durability.
* Fits ALL sizes
* Envelope closure on back. 
* Gentle hand wash, line dry. 

Inserts Not Included.

All items from Madelleine Grace are made to order and shipped according to date needed. 

Ruth made my pillows for the boat out of Havana Linen so they would be extra durable. The texture and thickness of the material is just perfect for the boat. Even though I had one custom pillow made, she had them shipped to me very quickly. 

She custom made a new pillow with our boat name on it! 
How fabulous is that???

She was sweet enough to surprise me with one of her seahorse pillows. 
(She had no idea how much my son adores them)

Ready to see her gorgeous pillows on the boat? 

I'm so in love with them it's pitiful!
This is just the beginning. By the time I'm done this area will be consumed with pretty pillows. 
Ruth officially got me started!

These pillows are perfect for boats or beach homes, and fit any coastal decor. 
I've noticed one of the hottest trends going in home decor is anything beachy. 

You can now afford the look for your own home without breaking the bank. 
Or you can buy more stuff with the money you even better choice! 

Ruth and I have a very special offer coming up soon, so please be on the look out here or on the Madelleine Grace Facebook page for more information. I promise you don't want to miss this!
Madelleine Grace's Facebook Page
If you simply cannot wait to grab your own custom pillow, you can visit her Etsy store.


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