Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Southern Fried

So, I've been talking lately with the ever-so-lovely CeCe (y'all should totally check out her's fabulous) and we've been comparing notes. We got to talkin' about Southern food and our families.

Nothing against my mama's cooking at all, friends! That woman can flat out cook.

Her potato salad is out of this world amazing....her new mac and cheese recipe is simply to die for...and her chicken and dumplings can make anyone completely put their diet on hold.

Not even slightly joking.

It's a wonder I wasn't 400 pounds growing up, friends! My mama makes amazing food and I like to eat it. Plain and simple.

My dad and brother are fairly picky eaters and my mom is skinny enough she doesn't really have to worry about the foods she cooks. Unfortunately for me, I liked it all and I overate it all.

Here in the South, we like things fried and butter is a staple item in all our cooking. Paula Deen nailed it with the butter thing, y'all.
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Bless that woman's heart, I love her and her cooking. My hips do not. I can look at a stick of butter and gain weight!

When our family gets together, we bring out the very best foods. Here we show people love through food. (That same food loves to remain on my hips.) We take care of people by baking and sending casseroles.

When people are showing their love through food, it can really wreak havoc on any weight loss attempts. You certainly don't want to offend someone who thought enough about you to cook for you. And a lot of the time the food is so unbelievably good, it leaves you craving more and more.

What's a Southern girl to do???

1) It's okay to cheat every once in a while!
2) You can always workout a little harder to make up for the extra calories.
3) You can fill up on some veggies before going to a get together so that you aren't completely starving and piling the food in once you get there.
4) You can simply admit that you're watching what you eat. My mama is good enough to work around that for me. (I love her green beans....)
5) Drink plenty of water throughout the meal! You will feel full sooner.
6) Try to stick with the lesser of two evils. If there's fried chicken and veggies covered in cheese, go for the veggies. At least you're getting the nutritional value from the veggies and probably saving a few calories.
7) You can always let your husband or kid steal some of the food off your plate. Ha!

Losing weight isn't easy. It's a lifestyle change and sometimes the people around you don't fully understand the struggles that come with it. Those that love you will find a way to support you even if they think you're crazy! (Mine have....)

I keep thinking of that song by Zac Brown Band...."Chicken Fried" as I write this....



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