Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stitching and Stuff

I've got a very special offer today, friends!

TBall Mom Rhinestone Shirt

Tell me, how awesome is this shirt??? 

Megin sent me a shirt to kick off my son's first year of T-ball!
If you've been around here for long, you know how stinkin' excited I am that Caleb starts t-ball in just a few short weeks. 
You know I am going to be that mom. 
The typical soccer/baseball/football mom who comes to every practice and every game. 
The one with my kid's number over a baseball sticker on my SUV window.
Yep, that's going to be me. 
(Laugh all you want, friends. I have earned the right to do this. I have battled that child for three and a half years!)

Megin totally gets that! 
She designed a shirt just for the kind of mom I am.

The rhinestone shirts can be customized with names, numbers on sleeves, the back, etc. She'll be adding more designs in the near future. Also, you can put rhinestones on almost anything. Megin is totally open to requests.

She also has some other pretty designs that I'm loving...
I Dont Sweat I Sparkle Rhinestone Shirt

Her Sparkle shirt would make workouts so much prettier! 

You know who's going to be sportin' this one soon...
I'm the Baseball Mom of Custom Number Vinyl and Rhinestone Shirt

She also has some gorgeous embroidered designs.
American Black Bear 1  Embroidered Shirt
This would be so pretty in our camper.

Stitching and Stuff is your one-stop personalization store! 

They have taken great pride in giving their customers the best service possible and providing

 them with a large selection of quality garments and accessories at competitive prices. They 

offer a full range of apparel for everyone from individuals to churches, clubs and large 

organizations. Stitching and Stuff started out offering embroidery services to customers with no 

minimums and now offer many other services such as heat press, etching and access to a 

huge selection of promotional items.

Let them help you brand your name by digitizing your logo, stitching, heat pressing and etching 

it on all sorts of apparel and accessories.

Call your one-stop personalization shop today at 601-533-8655.

Take advantage of their quality services. You may also email them questions and service 


Let’s get personal!

Megin has given a special offer to all 

Del Signore readers!!!! 

When you place an Etsy order, use coupon 

code "DDD10" for 10% off your order!!!!


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