Friday, March 22, 2013

T-Ball Time

Well, it's official! Caleb has been placed on a team for T-ball this year and we are so excited! 

Caleb is going to be on the ....
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We were fortunate enough that the number we wanted wasn't taken already. 
My brother played baseball for years. 
(He was really great at it too.) 
My brother was always #7 and Caleb wanted to have his Uncle Brian's number. 

We are also fortunate to get placed on this team because I went to high school with both his coach and his wife. They are great people and we are really looking forward to playing ball with them. 

My brother grew up playing ball and he made some great friends over the years. I am so excited that my little boy will get to experience that too.

To be completely honest, Ryan and I are thrilled that Caleb will also have an outlet for some of his crazy energy too!


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