Monday, March 11, 2013

The Post Where I Tell You How Stinkin' Excited I Am!

That's right, friends...I am that excited! 

I've been running around like my three year old future thug-child saying "Holla!". 

I'm serious...and I did NOT teach my child to say either "Holla" or "Deuces". 

I blame it all on my thug-wannabe husband. 

Still, I find myself on a Monday saying "Holla!" 

'Cause I passed that ever-elusive fifty pounds lost mark today! 


In case you were as dumbfounded by the term as I's the definition:


interj. 1. an exclamation of greeting. 2. an exclamtion used to show excitement or enthusiasm. verb. 1. to call. 2. to summon

To be more exact, I have officially lost 50.5 pounds today and I have dropped another pants size! 

About six years ago, I collected jeans. Back then I would spend a lot of money on a pair of jeans. When I gained all of my weight, I sadly put them all into storage. I really didn't think I'd ever wear them again, but I sure wasn't going to give away hundreds of dollars worth of jeans. 

This week, I snuck into the storage bin and began trying them all on. Every single pair fit me again!!!! I just sat in the bedroom floor and cried. I never thought I'd wear them again and here they were fitting over my butt and buttoned comfortably. 

I just bawled my eyes out. 

Ryan walked in the room...

Jeans were thrown everywhere and I was sitting in the middle of the floor in tears.

(I know that man thinks I have lost my ever-lovin' mind most days)

I'm eleven pounds away from my original goal. I know I'm going to fight for every single pound. 

But this time I shall be doing it in all of my favorite jeans! 


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