Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Do and Do Not Eat

I lost another 1.5 pounds this week! I have NINE MORE TO GO...

I'm at 52.5 pounds lost!


Who would have ever thought? Totally not me.

It is finally feeling like it's a reality now. For some reason I have struggled with accepting that. It never felt like I would get there. I had tried so many times in the past and failed.

It seems like a bunch of people really enjoyed the honesty of my post "Things People Don't Tell".

I think it's so awesome that people are supporting and encouraging me. It really makes a big difference.

I wanted to share some of the things I'm eating and what I'm watching out for in my diet.

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The produce aisle is seriously becoming my favorite place to shop for groceries. I love salads now (I've sure eaten enough of them), but I don't like having the trouble of chopping all the lettuce and washing it. I can find really great deals of the bagged veggies. They come pre-washed so I just add my toppings and dressing. As long as it's easy and quick, I'm more likely to eat it often.

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I love this dressing so much! It's just sweet enough to satisfy any of my sweet cravings. I use it on my salad along with some Canadian bacon chopped up on top. It has 60 calories per serving and I use just a little.

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I love the steam-in-a-bag veggies. When I'm looking for something quick, easy and healthy for dinner these are my go-to sides. Luckily my family loves steamed veggies, plain with no butter or salt. 

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It's no secret that I love bread. Carbs once were my very best friend. While not all carbs are bad and not all breads are completely off limits, some are for me now. I noticed how much sodium was in a slice of regular white sandwich bread and just had to let that go. I stick with whole grain breads now to avoid the sodium overload. Bread is the number one source of sodium in the average American's diet! One slice could have as much as 204 milligrams of sodium. Our bodies only need about 180-500 milligrams per day. If you eat a sandwich with two slices of bread, you could possibly consume 408 milligrams with one item. Other foods that contain quite a bit of sodium are lunch meats and processed foods. 

I have slowly tried tweaking my diet over the past few months. I have tried to cook less processed foods. We eat a lot of baked or grilled chicken. If we eat anything a little less healthy, I stick with a smaller plate to control my portions. I really don't restrict anything and I eat things in moderation. I don't feel deprived much. Sometimes I miss lots of chocolate and ice cream, but the weight loss really helped me get over that!


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