Sunday, March 10, 2013

Working Weekend

We spent the first beautiful weekend of the year in Tellico. So many people came out to kayak the beautiful Tellico River or sit around a campfire. Instead of relaxing, Ryan and I found ourselves on the roof of our addition built onto our camper. It was there when I got the camper years ago, but there's no telling how old it actually is. The old tin roof has definitely seen better days.

Ryan decided we needed to put new tin on the roof. He was going to attempt to do it himself. Fortunately my parents felt really sorry for him and watched Caleb so I could help.

When I told Ryan I would help him, he pretty much smirked at me and said I could hand him tools. About fifteen minutes into the project, I was on the roof removing nails with a hammer. I don't know who was more shocked: Ryan or my parents when they checked on us!

In forty-five minutes Ryan and I had the old, rusty tin removed. He had planned it taking a couple of hours to accomplish just that by himself. We cut the new tin and I started handing pieces up to him. Finally, we secured everything to the roof and we called it a day. It took us about four hours total to replace the tin on a 9' x 20' roof.

My body was absolutely exhausted, but it felt so good to be able to work. Two years ago, there was absolutely no way I could have physically hung in there. My body is much stronger now and I have a lot more endurance. If I had tried that two years ago, I would have been beyond pitiful!

It's so nice to actually feel how different my body is now. I hated sitting on the sidelines watching Ryan accomplish all of these projects over the past several years. I actually want and like to work hard.

Since I was working I didn't get a chance to take many pictures.

This boy was so excited to go to Tellico!

He was absolutely determined to not nap on the way there. 
He literally talks non-stop the entire time. We thought we would keep him awake so that he would sleep while we drove. He fought it until we were about thirty minutes away. 

He fell asleep holding his tools and it was just the cutest thing!


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