Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Working Out

Many of you have asked privately or on the blog's Facebook page what physical activity I am doing to lose weight. I blush every time I am asked this question because I simply do not workout. But, I have a reason for that one.

I wanted to document that anyone can lose weight by controlling their food alone. Sure, it took me a lot longer to do it but I wanted to prove that someone with limited mobility or a complete lack of time can still lose weight. I wanted to show that there are no excuses why you cannot improve your health and body.

Now that I have shown a loss of over fifty pounds, I want to reevaluate my schedule and activity level. Even though I have lost a large amount of weight, I want to begin getting in shape and toning up.

I lost about sixty pounds six or seven years ago. That was pre-baby and before my body decided to be super stubborn. I worked out in the gym every moment I got. I do not have that much time to devote to working out any more. I have a loving husband and son who need me more than the gym does.

Ryan bought me an elliptical for Christmas and then we decided to get a home gym. Buying these two pieces alone will save us tons of time and money. Instead of paying for gym memberships and driving to them, we can now workout from home after Caleb goes to bed. This way I don't have to give up any of my precious time with my son.

I also try to fit in other ways to stay active. We have a Wii and I absolutely love my Just Dance games. It never seems like a workout, but you always end up burning a lot of calories.

Our church is beginning Zumba classes this coming week and I plan to try it out. It's always looked like a lot of fun, but I am anything but coordinated. You can burn over 500 calories an hour doing it though!

We will see how that goes!

One DVD I love is Jillian Michael's 30 Day shred. 
It's tough, it makes you want to hate Jillian, but it does work. 

While I'm at work, I try to keep moving as much as possible. I work behind a desk the majority of the day. When I'm not behind a desk, I keep my butt off the golfcarts! That's how all the guys I work with get around throughout their day. Since I don't depend on them to carry my tools or go a long distance, I make sure I'm walking! 

I also get outside and play with Caleb. We enjoy kicking a soccer ball around the yard or taking a walk around the neighborhood. It's not an insane amount of activity, but at least it's something. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

It Works Body Wrap #3

So I thought I would compare pictures from last week's final results pictures. Even into my third It Works Body Wrap, I am still seeing progress! In the smallest part of my waist, I have lost yet another half inch.

I wrapped and then measured when I took it off two hours later. I cannot wait to see the 72 hour mark results from this wrap. Just unbelievable!

One of the things I want you to notice in these pictures is that I am not gaining anything back between the wraps. This isn't a temporary loss. I am consistently showing progress each and every week.

Okay, seriously guys, what is holding you back at this point? 

The wraps are very reasonably priced. It's tiny compared to local body wrap prices that only help you get rid of water weight. This is for real! You are encouraged to drink water while wrapping and after. If this was simply loss of water weight, why would you drink water while doing it??? 

I'm not a distributor. I make absolutely nothing telling you how fabulous these wraps actually are. I just benefit from the wonderful results of them. 

I took another picture this morning because I truly couldn't believe my stomach was looking so flat! 

This is my tummy after carrying a 8.1 pound baby for 36 weeks, a 21 hour labor, that resulted in a C-Section. Not to mention that I was overweight for several years before and after that. 

If I can actually see great results with It Works Body Wraps, I don't see how anyone else couldn't. 

Y'all know I care about you. You know I strive to bring you the best weight loss and health advice available. You also know I don't want to spend a ton of money getting there. I promise I am not steering you wrong with It Works Body Wraps. I wanted to show you that the pictures are real, the results are real, and I am thrilled! Even if you just try one, you will soon see that this stuff is amazing! If you want to grab three friends and buy a four pack of wraps together, that would be great too!

Just message Sheri for more information to get you started:

Check back later in the week for my 72 hour updated pictures!

Brady Bands Giveaway!

If you "like" my blog on Facebook (which you totally should), you know I got two Brady Bands in the mail. 
I was so stinkin' excited because everyone with a fitness blog is wearing those things now!
I got the pink with green polka dots and a University of Tennessee one. 


These things are perfect for making your hair stay put while working out or doing whatever. 
I actually wore mine while we were working on the boat one evening!

I've got fabulous news for you....
Brady Bands is giving away two of them!
You even get your choice of which ones you want!






I swear they've got every color and pattern available!

So go pick out your two very favorite and enter to win them here:

This giveaway ends on May 6th! Must be a resident of the US to win!

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

River Monster

So, I get a call on my cell phone from one of my buddies. 
He asks, "Wendy, can you bring a golfcart to pick me up?" 

I thought since it was raining he just didn't want to walk back to his truck. 

Jeremy fishes around the marina on his days off and he has landed some huge catfish. 
Nothing prepared me to see him struggling up a hill with this: 

Of course he had to show off this river monster! 
One of my other coworkers struggled while picking this one up too!

Y'all know I'm not swimming in the water this year...Right?? 
I have this huge thing about fish touching me. Totally disgusting. 
I've seen so many huge catfish pulled out of my favorite swimming areas this year that there is no way I'm going in the water! Ha!

Butterflies and Silly Guys

We've had a rainy weekend and didn't want to stay locked up in the house. Ryan and I decided to surprise Caleb with a trip to the aquarium. 

I cannot believe how tall my child is getting! He's going to be bigger than me by the time he enters middle school. 

Caleb has no fear petting the stingrays. 

Our aquarium raises butterflies that are just amazing! The last time we visited there weren't that many fluttering by. This time, there were unbelievable amounts of gorgeous butterflies! 

I was able to get one to land on my finger and transfer it to Caleb. He was in awe of this beautiful one!

He kept wanting to pet it. 

My guys are so silly together! They keep me cracked up all the time. 

Caleb is going through a very loving stage right now. He's constantly hugging on me and all up in my face. 
I have to admit, I love every bit of it. He's just the sweetest thing! 

We have so much fun together. I love that he's at an age we can actually do things together. I am so thankful we're past the diaper bag carrying, stroller pushing, constant fit-pitching days! 


Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 Tracker Boats

I am fortunate enough to work for a large marina that sells Tracker Boats. We filmed a commercial with the 2013 line of Tracker Boats this week and my family got a chance to ride around in the beautiful boats.

Caleb and Zoey were so ready to go for boat rides! 

They are such sweet friends! I love that the are crazy about each other. 

Caleb waited all week for the chance to be on TV. He's outgoing like his mama!

I got to drive a beautiful Tahoe deckboat! I absolutely fell in love with it!

Uncle Brian let Caleb drive one of the pontoon boats! Caleb was in love!

My sweet hubby got to drive a Pro Team 175 bass boat for a while. He said he could totally understand how guys fall in love with those boats! 

Brian got cracked up at Caleb's driving skills! 

Zoey didn't care what boat she was in as long as we could go fast!

Brian and Tara took the kids in the Tahoe 215 while I jumped into the Nitro Z-7 with my dad. 

And I finally got the chance to ride in a Nitro Z-9!
Holy cow!!!!
I can see the obsession all the pro fishermen have with that boat. 
It is amazing!!!! 

Caleb was all cheesin' in my sunglasses! 

We spent time running the boats while a crew filmed us. It was so much fun to run these boats and see what they could do. 

I jumped at the chance to operate the deck boat with Tara and the kids!
I love the deck boats because they feel so safe in the water. I love the taller sides and that the kids had plenty of room. 

Caleb was so very well behaved during the commercial. The only time he got angry was when we tried to put Zoey in a different boat!

My whole family loves the Tracker Boats!
It's awesome to work with a company that truly offers the best value and product around. 

If you want to visit our place to see these amazing boats we rode around in, you can stop by Island Cove Outdoor Center! Need directions? Shoot me an email.....



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