Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 Tracker Boats

I am fortunate enough to work for a large marina that sells Tracker Boats. We filmed a commercial with the 2013 line of Tracker Boats this week and my family got a chance to ride around in the beautiful boats.

Caleb and Zoey were so ready to go for boat rides! 

They are such sweet friends! I love that the are crazy about each other. 

Caleb waited all week for the chance to be on TV. He's outgoing like his mama!

I got to drive a beautiful Tahoe deckboat! I absolutely fell in love with it!

Uncle Brian let Caleb drive one of the pontoon boats! Caleb was in love!

My sweet hubby got to drive a Pro Team 175 bass boat for a while. He said he could totally understand how guys fall in love with those boats! 

Brian got cracked up at Caleb's driving skills! 

Zoey didn't care what boat she was in as long as we could go fast!

Brian and Tara took the kids in the Tahoe 215 while I jumped into the Nitro Z-7 with my dad. 

And I finally got the chance to ride in a Nitro Z-9!
Holy cow!!!!
I can see the obsession all the pro fishermen have with that boat. 
It is amazing!!!! 

Caleb was all cheesin' in my sunglasses! 

We spent time running the boats while a crew filmed us. It was so much fun to run these boats and see what they could do. 

I jumped at the chance to operate the deck boat with Tara and the kids!
I love the deck boats because they feel so safe in the water. I love the taller sides and that the kids had plenty of room. 

Caleb was so very well behaved during the commercial. The only time he got angry was when we tried to put Zoey in a different boat!

My whole family loves the Tracker Boats!
It's awesome to work with a company that truly offers the best value and product around. 

If you want to visit our place to see these amazing boats we rode around in, you can stop by Island Cove Outdoor Center! Need directions? Shoot me an email.....


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