Tuesday, April 23, 2013


For my birthday, my sweet husband took me clothes shopping. 
Yes, I know how fortunate I am to have him. 
I have been wearing size 12 jeans for a while. 
The smallest I've ever squeezed into in my adult life was a tight size 10 about 6 years ago. 
Yes, I do remember how long ago because I was so thrilled. 
I didn't get to stay in them long because I gained a ton of weight. 

On my birthday I was feeling pretty optimistic since my 12's have gotten fairly loose. 
I tried on several pair of size 10's and they all fit. 
Later on, my husband surprised me with some beautiful size 10 shorts. 
I just prayed they would fit so he wouldn't be disappointed that he got the wrong size. 

Not only did they fit, but they were kinda loose. 

This week I snuck into a fitting room with a pair of size 8 shorts. 
They zipped and buttoned. 

They're still just a little tight, but that pair did go home with me. 

It's my inspiration at the moment. 
I hung them up in the bathroom and I see them every morning. 

I have never in my adult life fit into a size 8 anything. 
The last time I wore a size 8 I was in middle school. 

When I started losing weight and setting goals, I just wanted to fit in a 12. 
I'm just in awe that I could do this. 
Sure I have struggled and really taken my time getting here, but it was worth it. 


  1. Way to go!! What an amazing accomplishment, I am sure those 8s will be fitting perfectly super soon :)

  2. such a wonderful post to read! Im in a 14 right now, so 12 is my goal at the moment....10 is my ultimate goal! You can feel your excitement in your post...be proud!!

  3. I started at a 16, so it's definitely been a battle. Good luck!!!

  4. If I ever had my own clothing line I would totally make all my sizes run on the large size. If I'm shopping and can fit into a smaller size than normal I'm definitely buying. Congrats on your weight loss...hoping some of your motivation rubs off on me



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