Thursday, April 18, 2013

Because I Don't Like Sewing More Than Occasionally

This week I'm testing out bedding on the boat. I want to keep with the lighter, brighter colors throughout the cabin. There's a lot of wood and I really want to brighten the whole interior of the boat. I had a quilt at home that we just don't use anymore so I brought it down to see how I like it. Our bed area is certainly not square, so whatever I pick will have to be custom fit to the bed. I don't want to go through the whole fitting, cutting and sewing process more than once. I am NOT talented when it comes to sewing. It's a long process for me, friends! 

I like how this thin quilt looks with my Madelleine Grace pillows

I want to add some larger pillows behind these, but I have to get all my color decisions figured out first! 

While my handy husband worked on some of the wiring on our Chris Craft, I enjoyed a large cup of coffee, blogging on my iPad, and looking at recipes and magazines!
I just love my Better Home and Gardens subscription. 

We're slowly getting there and I am getting really excited about the progress on our boat. 
I also wanted to show off my new Brady Band. 
Yes, they are as wonderful as everyone is claiming.
(I got a Tennessee Volunteers one too!!!)


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