Sunday, April 14, 2013

Birthday Recap

So this is my last year as a twenty something. When I woke up yesterday morning I realized, 29 just suits me. My years in my later 20's have been spent mostly feeling unhealthy. I'm actually looking forward to 30 because I know I'm taking much better care of my body. 

On Friday night, Ryan and I were able to spend some time together. His parents kept Caleb for us so we could have a date night. A few weeks ago I told him I wanted to spend the weekend on our boat. He poured hours into getting it ready for the water and I got my wish! Friday night we sat on our boat and just enjoyed it. We took me to dinner and we spent more time just sitting on the boat, listening to music. It was so sweet! 

Saturday morning, Ryan took me to Panera Bread for breakfast. While he prefers McDonald's, Hardees, or Waffle House, he took me to get a bagel and cappuccino. We ended up at TJMaxx trying on shorts. 

I have not worn shorts in public in about 6 years. When I was picking out a couple of pairs to try, I just kept thinking that I would hate every single pair and end up walking out empty handed. Because it's just what I've done for the past several years, you know? 

I was snapping pictures to text to Ryan because I sure wasn't going to walk out of the dressing room! 
They were all in my new size! I ended up with both pair of shorts. 
(Um, how lucky am I that he puts up with doing that for me???)

The capris were a little too see-through for my (or Ryan's) liking! 

We went to Caleb's ballgame. Then my mom and Aunt Debbie stole me for lunch. I worked a boat show Saturday afternoon with my dad while Ryan and Caleb spent "guy time" together. 

My parents took us to dinner and it was the perfect ending to my birthday!

Ryan and Caleb surprised me with gifts once we got home. 
Ryan is so thoughtful and sweet to me. 
I got all teared up and emotional over it all. 
Felt just like a silly girl...

I had a wonderful birthday with the people I love. 
I am so terribly blessed! 

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