Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Detoxing My Body

I've noticed so many of my fellow bloggers are commenting about yesterday's tragedy. If I told you exactly what was on my mind about this (like how someone is a sick, twisted coward that will eventually pay for the things they did), you may not appreciate my exact choice of words concerning the situation. So, I'll just stick with the safer topics today. Kay?

I'm about 40 hours post wrap now and I've started noticing some detoxifying side effects.

  • I've not had a headache in forever. Last night I came home from Caleb's ball game and made it to my recliner. Worst headache ever! I woke up this morning and it was a little better. So I took some Aleve and went about my day. 
  • My stomach is all out of sorts. I can tell plenty of toxins are leaving my system. And we'll just leave it at that, friends.
  • I am fairly moody and irritable. I've read that once the toxins start moving through your blood stream and your body starts ridding itself of them, you can have a flux in your mood. Yep, got that.... ask my husband. :)
Those side effects happen within the first 30 hours. Now I feel better and am starting to have a little more energy. All of those changes are absolutely normal and to be expected. 

Did I actually expect them for myself while I was doing the It Works program? 

Can I be honest here? 

I really didn't. I'm still waiting for the whole "catch". It just seems too good to be true, you know? I honestly didn't think my body would detox anything. Yep, wrong again. 

Who'd have ever thought I enjoyed being wrong about something???

Again, you can verify my need to be always right with my husband.... :)



  1. I'm gonna have to call my friend about those wraps now!

    1. They are absolutely worth it. I am about to do another series on these. I hope you'll check back in on my progress.



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