Monday, April 29, 2013

It Works Body Wrap #3

So I thought I would compare pictures from last week's final results pictures. Even into my third It Works Body Wrap, I am still seeing progress! In the smallest part of my waist, I have lost yet another half inch.

I wrapped and then measured when I took it off two hours later. I cannot wait to see the 72 hour mark results from this wrap. Just unbelievable!

One of the things I want you to notice in these pictures is that I am not gaining anything back between the wraps. This isn't a temporary loss. I am consistently showing progress each and every week.

Okay, seriously guys, what is holding you back at this point? 

The wraps are very reasonably priced. It's tiny compared to local body wrap prices that only help you get rid of water weight. This is for real! You are encouraged to drink water while wrapping and after. If this was simply loss of water weight, why would you drink water while doing it??? 

I'm not a distributor. I make absolutely nothing telling you how fabulous these wraps actually are. I just benefit from the wonderful results of them. 

I took another picture this morning because I truly couldn't believe my stomach was looking so flat! 

This is my tummy after carrying a 8.1 pound baby for 36 weeks, a 21 hour labor, that resulted in a C-Section. Not to mention that I was overweight for several years before and after that. 

If I can actually see great results with It Works Body Wraps, I don't see how anyone else couldn't. 

Y'all know I care about you. You know I strive to bring you the best weight loss and health advice available. You also know I don't want to spend a ton of money getting there. I promise I am not steering you wrong with It Works Body Wraps. I wanted to show you that the pictures are real, the results are real, and I am thrilled! Even if you just try one, you will soon see that this stuff is amazing! If you want to grab three friends and buy a four pack of wraps together, that would be great too!

Just message Sheri for more information to get you started:

Check back later in the week for my 72 hour updated pictures!

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  1. Looking good!! Great job! I can't wait til my tum tum is that flat lol It WILL be!! Im proud of you! New follower from Weigh In Wednesday link up!



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