Thursday, April 18, 2013

It Works Wrap #1 - 72 Hours After

So, I finally have my 72 Hour Post Wrap results!
I've been patiently waiting to measure and snap more pictures. 
The first picture is the "Before", the middle picture is the "Post Wrap", and the final picture is "72 Hours After". This wrap truly does keep working up to 72 hours after you do it. 

When I first removed the wrap, I had a 4" difference overall. When I measured at the 72 hour mark, I lost two more inches! So I have a total of 6 inches lost on the first wrap! 

Here's the front:

Left Side:

And Right Side:

These are my "Before" and "After" so you can see the full results:

And if you truly need to see it all up close, here's my "Before". 

And 72 Hours After:

I guarantee that these pictures have not been altered in any way. I have not used Photoshop or any other editing software. This is one hundred percent all me. If you don't believe me and know me in real life, I will be more than happy to show you my tummy as long as you're female or family.... 
or my husband is standing beside me. 

So many of my sweet friends have asked me how to get the program I'm using. 

Sheri from Cali Girls will be more than happy to get you all started!!!

Here's her website:

Or just give her a call at (530) 414-1528

I've also been asked a little more about the whole detoxing I'm going through. My headaches, moodiness and tummy troubles have all disappeared now. I definitely have more energy! Who doesn't need more of that, right?!? I'm very curious to see how my second wrap goes. I don't think I'll lose as much as the initial one, but anything loss is better than nothing! I'm going to space them a week apart so I can give my body time to adjust to things. Y'all (and my husband, and my coworkers, and my family) do NOT want me detoxing back to back!

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