Monday, April 15, 2013

It Works Wraps - First Results

Many of us have heard about the new craze with the whole "It Works" wraps. 
They claim you can drastically transform targeted areas of your body by using their simple wraps at home. 

Yeah, it sounds too good to be true. Right??
I thought so too. 
Sheri, an It Works representative, offered to prove me wrong. 
I thought she'd send me a wrap and I'd simply put the myth to rest. 
I was wrong. 
Sheri actually called me to walk me through everything! 
She was amazing! Sheri truly wanted to help me right from the start. 
She sent me a month's supply of her products so I could see the full effect....

I researched all the reviews about these wraps prior to trying them. 
There are so many success stories out there. I just knew there had to be a "catch". 
I picked up that some people didn't see any results or, like me, were just too skeptical to try it out. 
It Works urges you to drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day while doing this. 
Um, I already do that and have been preaching it to y'all for months. 
So no, this is not be just getting smaller because I'm drinking a ton of water. 
I already do that. 
Quit being so skeptical about it working....

So, I thought I would follow everything perfectly to really give these wraps a chance. 

One wrap comes in a sealed package. 
Sheri has an awesome video about how to wrap...

I actually got my husband to measure me. 
That way there was no cheating with me trying to tighten the measuring tape for the after results!
We wrote down my measurements and I wrapped my tummy. 
The wrap smells and feels a whole lot like Vicks vapor rub. 
I happen to like the smell, so it wasn't too bad at all. 
Sheri mentions in the video that you may feel hot, cold, or both. 

I like to have froze! 
I sat in my recliner under two blankets. Ha!

I wore the wrap for exactly two hours, the minimum is forty-five minutes. 

My skin felt really, really soft and smooth when the wrap came off. 
My husband also took the Before and After pics and remeasured. 
I didn't lose anything across my ribs. I pretty much expected that. 
I lost 2.5 inches across my belly button measurement!!!!
And then I lost 1.5 inches from my pooch!!!! 
I think 4 inches total isn't bad at all. 
Want to hear something even better? 
The stuff keeps working up to 72 hours, so I will check back in a couple of days with more pictures to give you the final result of my first wrap. 
Oh, yeah...
See how my stretch marks have started to fade???
I've been carrying those things since I was pregnant with Caleb. 
Nothing was helping them...I tried so many different products. 

Over the next thirty days, I'm going to honestly try this stuff out. 
If it does not work or does not last, I will tell you straight up. 
I am not a representative of It Works and I am not being paid to say nice things about them. 
Sheri gave me the kit above so that I too can become a believer and share that with all of you. 

I promise to eat clean, take plenty of pictures and drink all my water!

I got the Trop50 orange juice to mix the Greens in. 
This is what it looks like....

And here it is in the orange juice. 

Yep, it looks nasty. But it tastes just like the orange juice. 
I didn't mind it at all!

I also started the Thermofit

It revs up your metabolism. 
And we could all use a little of that, right???

Don't forget to stop by in a couple of days to see more!!!!

Don't feel like waiting to see my results and want your own stuff??


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