Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Only God Made

I didn't realize how well I was actually eating until Easter. I think eating salads, lots of fish and chicken, whole grains and tons of veggies has just become my way of life.

I didn't think much about it. I was focused on seeing the numbers on the scale go down. I knew exactly which foods could help me do it and that's just what I ate. It's just my "normal" now.

On Easter, I tried to control my portion sizes. While everything I ate really isn't that bad in moderation, it through my whole body out of whack. I have literally been sick and my digestive system has been miserable since Easter. It's not the overeating that's a problem now. It's the processed and high sodium foods.

My body has functioned so much better by eating natural, God made foods.

90% of my entire diet is God made.
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What do I mean by God made foods?

  • If it comes from a tree...It's God made.
  • If it comes from the ground....It's God made.
  • If it is an animal....It's God made. 
  • If it comes from the ocean....It's God made. 
See where I'm going with this? 

Fruits, veggies, lean animal meat, fish, whole grain foods....

God made me that way and when I choose to put processed things into my body, I feel awful!

Whatever you put in your body eventually comes out. 

Do you really want to fuel your body with crap or with natural foods? 

Am I 100% perfect at eating this way? Heck, no! I am not giving up my salad dressings, cheese, and chocolate. But, I do keep the processed foods to a minimum. 

The things I've noticed as I have started putting better food into my body:
  • Increased Energy Levels (This is the best part!)
  • Increased Weight Loss
  • Better Memory Function
  • Regulated Hormones
  • No Mood Swings
  • No Blood Sugar Drops
  • Improved Immune System (Caleb has had strep 2 times and I haven't gotten it!)
  • My Skin Looks Better
  • Decreased Cravings for Junk Food

Do you have to spend a lot of money to eat better? 

Absolutely not!
I actually save money. The only thing I have to watch out for is the food going bad quicker. I either prepare my meals in advance or make freezer meals. When the prep work is done for you, life is just easier! It keeps us from eating out as much too!

What about Ryan and Caleb?
A lot of the time, they'll eat better too because that's all I'll fix for dinner. Sometimes, they still eat crap. I wouldn't touch the hot dogs, candy, greasy hamburgers, and fried chicken they eat sometimes! My body would hate me for that. 

So what did Easter cost me on my weight loss progress?

  • I gained four whole pounds (I've lost all but one pound now)
  • I have been really irritable
  • My energy levels plummeted on Monday and Tuesday....BAD!
  • My face broke out on Monday evening
  • I have craved chocolate and candy like crazy
  • My husband has been laying low for three days....
  • My digestive system goes from one extreme to the other. 
And that, my friends, is crap.

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