Monday, April 8, 2013

Play Ball!

Caleb had his first T-ball practice last week. 
He was just too excited! 

Just like every other kid, he wanted to bat. 

On Saturday, he got his first uniform and he was so proud. 

We had to be there on Saturday morning. 
Caleb's team was paraded onto the baseball field and lined up with all the other teams for a group picture. 

I wanted to cry when I finally saw his little name on the jersey. 
We got to pick his number as well. 
Caleb wanted his Uncle Brian's number. 
(My brother played ball for years and always wore #7)

We had one really proud daddy too! 
Caleb insisted that he wear his hat like Daddy. 

I just love this sweet face!

His first game was Saturday afternoon. He did really well the first inning and then got tired during the second one. He decided he had enough and joined us on the bleachers for the last five minutes of the game. 

I got a picture of Caleb scoring his very first run!

I can't believe how big he seems now. I'm really hoping that T-ball is an outlet for his endless energy and that he makes some new friends. 



  1. Found you on the Ultimate Blog Party Link. I'm also working to lose one pound at a time. I'd love to walk the journey with you.

  2. I'm so glad you stopped by! I'm looking forward to seeing your journey too!

  3. What cute face!

    Just coming over to say hi, I just joined the Oh happy day party :-D

  4. Thanks for stopping by! That child has some very expressive looks on his face. Keeps us laughing!



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